What to do to celebrate a wedding anniversary? Ideas and tips

Come festeggiare l'anniversario di matrimonio

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is not just a way to celebrate another year spent together.

It is an opportunity to renovate your commitment with each other and to celebrate the love that keeps growing and maturing between one and the other.

Let us inspire you with our ideas and tips on how to make your anniversary celebrations a real masterpiece that truly represents your love story.

Why celebrate a wedding anniversary

Every wedding anniversary is a special moment, a time of reflection, a celebration of the life spent together and an opportunity to strengthen and to reaffirm promises for a future together.

It is not just a commemoration of the love that has been flourishing and developing over time, but also a moment to evaluate the overcome challenges and to also celebrate all the joy experienced as a couple.

It should be considered almost a ritual which aims to reinforce bonds while renewing the commitment to each other.

Creative Ideas to Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary

Choose a theme that speaks of you

First of all, you should choose a theme that fully symbolises your love story. This can range from the place where you first met, to a common interest you both share. This theme could then become the guiding thread running throughout the party.

Musical entertainment

Music has the power to evoke deep emotions. Some of the options to personalise the atmosphere could for example be the use of a string quartet for a classical background or a jazz band to pick up the rhythm of the evening or a singer who can perform the songs that have marked your journey as a couple.

Dance performance

Whether it is a romantic waltz or a modern dance piece, a dance performance can add a beautiful visual element to the event while telling your story through movement and generating a deep emotional touch.

Customised details

You should personalise every elements of the party. From invitations to place cards, every details should become part of the overall experience and it should tell part of your story.

You could also surprise your guests with unexpected elements such as welcome letters expressing your gratitude for their presence on this special day.

Memories… in Music

In order to end the evening on a high note, you could create a playlist with some of the songs that featured the highlights of your relationship while also inviting guests to join you in a collective dance.

Where to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

The choice of the venue for a wedding anniversary celebration is essential to the success of the event.

It is important to find a space that resonates with the couple’s history and bond.

A restaurant with a panoramic view, for example, could offer a romantic atmosphere which is ideal for couples seeking intimacy.

Furthermore, an elegant villa or a botanical garden can provide the perfect background for a larger party for those who want to organise something more impressive.

For adventurous couples, why not to consider a unique destination such as an ancient castle or perhaps an exotic beach at sunset hour?

The key is always to find a venue that reflects your personal style and that fully allows you to celebrate your journey together in a meaningful way.

Wedding anniversary with children

Celebrating a wedding anniversary when there are children in the family it adds an extra touch of joy and innocence.

It is important to arrange activities that include the children while making them an essential part of the celebrations

You should think about a dedicated play area, perhaps with an entertainer who can entertain them with games and creative activities.

One idea could also be to organise a themed treasure hunt that tells the story of your romantic union in a playful way.

You could also provide a children’s menu with small surprises or personalised treats in order to make meal time a special moment for them too.

To include children will make them feel important and it will also create some new family memories which will further enhance the meaning of the anniversary.

Tips for a stress-free party

A stress-free anniversary party requires planning and a relaxed approach. Here are some tips to ensure that your wedding anniversary is enjoyable for everyone:

  1. Plan ahead: starting early with the planning of the event will give you more options to choose from and less of a rush.
  2. Delegate: you don’t have to take care of everything yourself. You should assign tasks to trusted family members and friends or – for an excellent result – you should consider to hire event professionals.
  3. Set a budget: to know beforehand how much you can spend it reduces financial worries.
  4. Choose activities you both enjoy: the event should include your common preferences to be truly meaningful.
  5. Keep it simple: most of the times the simplest parties are the best. There is no need to exaggerate to make that day special.
  6. Remember the reason behind the celebration: the centre of it all is your love Keep this as the main focus while you organise the event and everything else will fall into the right place.


Organising your wedding anniversary requires sensitivity, creativity and a touch of magic.

The difference between a simple party and an unforgettable celebration often lies within an accurate attention to details and the creation of the right atmosphere. Those are elements in which a professional entertainer can really make a difference.

EM Event Design has been providing entertainment for exclusive and luxury events for over 15 years. Our dedication to turn each anniversary into a tailor-made event that truly embodies the values and history of each couples is what makes us unique.

With EM Event Design, your wedding anniversary will become an elegant narrative of your journey together, it will be enriched by memorable performances which will touch everyone’s hearts.

If you wish to create an event that will stay in guests’ minds forever and that will pay the right tribute to your love story, then EM Event Design is the right choice for you.

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