Eighteenth Birthday: Entertainment ideas for great celebrations

Diciottesimo compleanno idee di intrattenimento per festeggiare alla grande

Originality and Luxury Entertainment

We all have a birthday to celebrate every year, but let’s admit it: turning 18 it’s a milestone in everyone’s life.

At 18 we officially become adults, so from that moment on, life can be lived to the fullest.

The beginning of adulthood is important and meanfull and it needs proper celebrations in order to make this unique life moment preciously inprinted in everyone’s memory forever.

What are the key points to turn your 18th birthday party into a memorable event for you and for all your guests?

Below you will find some freat advices from EM Event Design, coming from years of experience in the entertainment industry and hundreds of successfully organised events.

Eighteenth Birthday: Ideas for a Theme Party

A Theme Party might sound like an idea you’ve heard and seen before but there is a difference between an ordinary theme party and a memorable party.

That relevant difference sits within consistency and planning.

When organising a theme party, it is foundamental that details are meticulously planned and that everything follows an appropriate script. This will immerse you and your guests in the choosen theme and it will make you feel like you are part of a sensational movie.

Speaking of themes, a very original one that will make your guests remember your party forever is “Midnight Mystery“. The time when you’ll turn 18 will also mark the moment when your guests will have to solve a murder mystery or some specially designed pitfalls.

Another interesting idea that can be developed is “Distant Galaxies“. This theme is space-related and guests can dress up as science fiction characters or wear fluorescent clothing.

Among the classic themes there is “Hollywood glamour“. With this spectacular theme you can turn your 18th birthday party into a “red carpet” situation including for example the limousine arrival and the presence of photographers.

Arabian nights” is also an increadible theme to be used at an 18th birthday party especially for those who prefer a Middle Eastern influeced atmospheres, characterised by soft lighting and chillout melodies.

Festival of Colours is a theme inspired by the famous Indian Holi Festival. In which people dress typically in white and throughout the evening they play throwing coloured powders at each other for a guaranteed fun night, scenic effect and a memorable experience.

Each of these themes require costumes and disguises, as well as flower decorations and other scenographic elements to make your 18th birthday party a spectacular, unique and immersive event.

Live music, DJ set and Animation

The music is an important asset to your party, it should also be adapted depending on the party theme, and it should include a combination of live music and DJ set.

Depending on your preferences and the kind of evening you want to organise, the schedule of the event will be accurately organised, including who should play and when.

Furthermore, the schedule should be designed as a crescendo and above all it should be synchronised with all the activities and entertainment already planned.

The presence of extras, actors and performers will definately take things to a higher level.

Imagine dancing in a themed decorated room with aerial dancers and acrobats. You don’t see many parties like this around… and this could be your party.

Eighteenth Birthday: A Refined Menu

The food element becomes itself part of the whole entertainment, it is therefore very important. Ideally, the menu should satisfy you and reflect in full all your preferences.

At the same time, depending on the chosen theme, it will be crucial to please all palates and eating styles when arranging the menu.

No one should feel excluded, and taking care of everyone’s tastes will make your party even more special for you and everyone else.

When guests arrive, it is essencial to organise a generous Welcome Buffet. This will be decorated with any delicacies you wish to have and it will be exposed according to the theme. The whole food experience will then fully enhance the style you have chosen for your eighteenth birthday.

Gastronomically speaking, lunch or dinner should become the centrepiece. Every great dish should be accompanied by the right drink.

Considering this is a party for young adults, it is important that there is also an after party refreshment where your guests can restore their energies before going back home.

Customised Entertainment Service

If you have already tried a custom-made suit, you know that in order to shine at your best you need a customised service. Maybe you already have some ideas, or would need some more advices.

EM Event Design can provide you with all you need from a simple advice to the complete realisation of the entire event.

Together we will find the best solutions in regards of theme, costumes, music and gastronomy. All you have to do then, will be just waiting for the big day and enjoy it. It will feel like being catapulted into a spectacular movie in which you will be the central figure of the whole narrative.

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