Dance, Acrobatics and Theatrical Performances: Shows for Luxury Weddings

Artista circense a un matrimonio elegante

Artistic performances in luxury weddings play a major role for all, the bride, the groom and all their guests. Thanks to these unique shows, the whole experience become an unforgettable and unrepeatable lifetime moment.

In the following paragraphs we will discover all the secrets behind the creation of an artistic performance in the entertainment world.

Dance as an element of entertainment in luxury weddings

The existing variety of dance styles makes the Art of Dance perfectly adaptable to a luxury wedding.

Going from the typical, gracefull elegance of the Classical Ballet, the dynamism of the Contemporary Dance to the energetic and vibrant expressions of the Ethnic Dance. Each dance styles can be wisely incorporated and interlaced into a specific wedding theme.

Classical Ballet

The Classical Ballet can be a perfect feature in weddings and it is characterised by a strong classical elegant and minimalist connotation. Through its delicate touch, it aims to evocate a sophisticated and refined taste.

Contemporary Dance

The Contemporary Dance is an ideal feature in a luxurious wedding when the bride and the groom intention is to add a modern touch to their wedding’s performing experience. This kind of performance can be highlighted by a fast-paced and evocative storytelling.

Ethnic Dance

The Ethnic Dance with its vibrant technical components, it adds a unique cultural element to the overwhole performing experience. It is ideal for weddings with a multicultural theme.

Choosing the right type of dance

If you ask yourself: What makes my heart beat? What would make the most important day of my life brigthly imprinted in my memory forever?

These apparently simple questions are infact key questions to truly and fully understand the kind of atmosphere you want to evoke in your luxury wedding performances.

Other important elements for you to consider are the space(s) availability, the overall event theme and the storyline you want to tell on the day.

At this point you can start to decide the type and the number of performances to create.

Acrobatics and Circus Performances in Luxury Weddings

The Circus Art is one of the main entertainment act requested for a luxury wedding. Circus and Acrobatics performances defy gravity and amaze guests generating an atmosphere of wonder and fascination.

Among the most fashionable and sophisticated kind of Circus and Acrobatic disciplines we can find the Aerial Silk and the Aerial Hoop. These are perfect for adding an element of aerial elegance to a venue that allows vertical performances.

Another intriguing yet requested circus performance is contortionism. Contortionism, offers a visually stong and stunning show, especially when combined with the perfect music and settings.

Integrating Acrobatics and Circus Performances in the most elegant way

Similarly to the dance disciplines, for all acrobatics and circus performances it is important to recognise the preferred storyline to tell to truly highlight the narrative of the event.

You will in fact, after all, tell an unforgettable story that will be imprinted in yours and your guests memory for life.

Circus performances will emphasise essential moments on your special day. Moments when both, you and your guests will be amazed and truly touched by a remarkable experience.

Theatrical performances for Luxury Weddings

When it comes to theatrical performances, acting is one of the highest forms of artistic and cultural entertainment. The world of theatre adds a unique performing experience highlighting narrative and establishing a strong emotional connection with the audience.

Monologues, for example, are perfect for including a personal, powerful and moving touch to the event. They could, for example, be used to emphasize one or more exceptional moments of your love story.

Other theatrical performances could include comedy sketches which are an ideal addition when you are looking to also deliver levity and humour. hese sketches are generally organised to balance out with the more emotional moments.

And that is the secret to create the perfect mix of emotions that will win everyone’s heart.

Finally, the puppets theatre can also be an excellent choice in order to add mystery and charm at a particular time of your day or evening.

Another trade secret: some of the performers may disguise themselves as normal guests till the time of their performance to then create a guaranteed ‘wow effect’ when they start their act.

Choosing the appropriate theatre performance according to the wedding theme

Theatrical performances are quite polarizing performances.

They are perfect to slow down the hectic pace of the day and generating moving emotions among the audience.

They are perfect to slow down the hectic pace of the day and generating moving emotions among the audience. However, they are effective only when dosed in the right amount to break the hectic pace of the event.

Wedding themes and messages to be conveyed are the two key points to focus on when finalising which type of theatrical performance to create.

Working with entertainment professionals in a Luxury Wedding

Most important aspect when organising the entertainment for Luxury Weddings is to search, recognize and contact qualified, competent and efficient skilled agencies and artists with a proven and established experience.

Always make sure of the quality and the value of the professional agencies and artists you collaborate with, especially by assessing the work they have done so far and their reputatin in the industry.

EM Event Design brings years of experience, creativity and passion to every wedding entertainment it organizes.

We work closely with the wedding planner and/or the bride and groom themselves, listening to their ideas and visions, and turning them into a reality that exceeds their expectations.

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