Shows for corporate conventions: 5 tips

Spettacoli per convention aziendali: 5 consigli

Corporate conventions have such a great potential on many levels. These events are an excellent tool to encourage a deeper human experience between those present and to promote marketing and branding for your company among customers, suppliers and colleagues from different areas.

It is therefore evident the importance of these rare and valuable moments of aggregation.

Meeting people and building connections is already something special in itself, so, how can you take your corporate convention up to the next level?

With years of experience in the industry, I can tell you that there is nothing more powerful than the addition of a good performance. And, in order for it to be effective and to strike your guests minds and hearts, there are at least 5 tips I can give you.

What do you want to achieve from the convention?

You can find the first piece of advice within your answer to this question. Defining your objective it is in fact essential to the success of the event. Firstly, you should clarify what result you wish to achieve from the convention. You should then decide to represent a show that follows a logical and emotional thread and which is consistent and fully connected with your goals for the evening.

To allow you to better understand the importance of this first point I will give you some practical examples. If your goal is to enhance the brand or the company, the show could take place at the end of the convention in order to leave a strong, meaningful and impactful memory among the participants. If, on the other hand, your aim is to increase the feeling of belonging to the brand or the company, the show could take place during the convention allowing the performance to become a central moment of the evening with the aim of warming up the atmosphere and promoting interaction between the participants later on in the evening.

Do you know your audience?

Drawing up a set of themes suitable for a convention show is useless if you don’t know your audience. It is important to define your target and to identify with the people who will come to your corporate convention. Who are they? What is their age? What is their cultural background? What are their desires and aspirations?

By answering these questions you will be able to establish what content can truly reach and touch the audience who will also be at your convention for a very specific reason.

Ultimately the show will work as an ‘emotional amplifier‘ of the message you desire to deliver. The message must be understandable by those present, so if you manage to ‘speak their language’ you will then hit the jackpot!

Location, location, location

A good show in a bad location or a great location with just a mediocre show will not be memorable. It is therefore crucial to invest in a good location in order to leave the best impression in people’s memory. We all dream to experience a fairytale day after all.

Please be aware that in order to keep this article short and straight to the point, when I talk about location I intend all the location amenities and the people who work there as concierge. If you follow my blog you already know that I leave nothing to chance. In the world of ‘one-shot‘ events there is not a second chance.

In conclusion, you should set an appropriate budget for a spectacular location and all the included services that are in line with the standard of the event you want to organise.

Use technology and generate a big ‘Hype’

It is encouraged to use social media, emailing and website before, during and after the event in order to properly promote the show that will take place at the event you are organising.

In the initial phase of the organisation, my main advice is to use all the tricks to generate ‘Hype’ and positive expectations, such as creating and posting stories on Instagram where you could share just a little something about both the event and the show that will soon take place.

Furthermore, during the evening you could go live on Instagram and you could hire professional photographers to take high quality photos and videos. Il tutto in maniera giocosa, con la finalità di far pubblicare il maggior numero di contenuti sui social.

To this end you could think about organising an interactive show, for example you could be having the performances held in areas that are easily accessible to the public.

After the event you could arrange a ‘Thank You’ message to be emailed to everyone who attended the event. While doing so it would be great to also share official photos and videos on both the company’s website and on social media. It goes without saying that a great show will make memories even more pleasant to remember and to share with others.

Budget and Reliability

Even if ‘Budget’ and ‘Reliability’ seem to be two separate things, they are actually two sides of the same medal. If you’re considering multiple offers and one seems too good to be true…well, maybe it is.

When specifically talking about the show, you must remember that it is the icing on the cake. That part of the evening will mostly help those present to create unforgettable memories. It would therefore be a big mistake to skimp on this significant aspect of your event .

The same goes for the team of performers to hire. Not relying on professional entertainers is often the shortest way to an evening that will turn out bland and boring. The reliability of professionals and performers should be assessed considering their previous experience and what they can actually contribute for the event you need to organise.

If the offer you receive is a pre-set package style offer, you could already realise yourself that all the steps we have covered so far in this article have not been taken into consideration at all when presenting you with that offer.

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