From Artists to Music: Choosing the Perfect Entertainment for Your Corporate Event

Dagli artisti alla musica: Scegliere l'Intrattenimento Perfetto per il Tuo Evento Aziendale


First step to choose and to define the perfect entertainment for your corporate event is based on a few simple key points. Starting with the result you are willing to achieve, continuing with recognising which emotions you want to evoke in your audience, and finally to identify the creativity and logistics required to the success of the overall event Last but not least to be considered are consistency and great artistic taste.

A corporate event has the potential to engage and to entertain participants and above all to reinforce the organising company’s message and objectives.

Entertainment must be rigorously chosen and designed to perfectly suit the event, to match its audience, its theme and the corporate context. The ultimate aim is to create the ideal atmosphere to allow and to promote networking, to build relationships and to address corporate values and goals.

How to choose the perfect entertainment for your corporate event

On a conceptual level, the first question to be answered is ‘what‘ you want to achieve from your corporate event?

The answer to the question becomes the guide light that indicates the way to a concrete development and realisation of the event.

Below you will find a list of the main purposes that could be highlighted with your corporate event:

Brand Awareness: i.e. to create awareness and to grow knowledge of your brand.

Networking: to be considered as a tool to encourage the development of social relationships.

Motivational: i.e. to increase employee involvement and commitment.

Training: the event is finalised to the development of professional skills.

Launch event: Launch of new products or services.

Charity: to grow the corporate ‘social responsibility’.

Celebratory: to celebrate an anniversary, a special occasion or a work success.

In conclusion, it should be noted that a corporate event can identify and therefore achieve several objectives at the same time. The solution, it is indeed good planning.

The perfect entertainment – From artists to music – 7 Golden Rules to follow

It is now time to find out ‘what‘ to choose as part of the evening’s entertainment. The possibilities are limitless but the fundamentals remains solid and they must always be respected.

Location, location, location.

The location in which the event will take place will significantly affect the following points. Once the objectives have been defined, the location must then be identify and determined. In addition of being aesthetically pleasant, the location must also be evaluated in terms of logistics and functionality.

Coherent Theme

If, for example, you want to hold an event that aims to promote networking among employees to increase their working motivation and to possibly reward some of them, a Cirque Du Soleil-themed event set outdoor in a very large area with several stages and frequent live shows could distract from the main objective. What to do then? You should get inspired by the various events you had a chance to experience live or that you have seen online, You should then hire professionals with great experience and taste to help you realize the right one for you.

Lights and Sounds Equals Emotions

We all are ‘visual’ beings. Lighting can therefore be used to create incredible special effects. Furthermore, music has the power to really touch everyone’s heart. A well designed combination of light and sound which perfectly matches the event’s theme will be a solid foundation for a successful event.


Activities can be either numerous or just a few depending on the theme and purpose of the event.

For example, in an event which aims to promote training or education it would be ideal to organise experts speeches and specialised workshops.

On the other hand, in a celebratory and charity event it may be appropriate to arrange motivational speeches followed by awards and live donations on stage.

Activities are very important on a human level because they engage with people rationally and emotionally. They must therefore be accurately planned in order not to disperse attention or to dilute content.

Artists & Costumes

Choosing the professionals who will perform during the event will affect the live performance and therefore a good part of its success.

EM Event Design only uses artists with years of experience and years of training and preparation behind them. For our company, choosing the most competent artists and the most well designed costumes is a real passion. We in fact employ high skilled seamstresses and designers to design the sartorial creations that the performers will then wear.

You only have to look at the ‘portfolio‘ section on our website to understand the level of care and love we put in this.

We realise that this matter is often mistreated by some, but not from us. Our professional performers and their handmade stage costumes make the difference between an average commercial event and a memorable one.

Live performance

When defining all details of the live performance it is important to consider logistics, the aspects of the location, the available budget and the purpose of the event.

It is then crucial to find a consistent and appropriate connection between the live performances and the overall event.

For example, if a company were to organise an award and charity event based on ‘a smile for the environment’ theme in order to raise public awareness of environmental issues it is crucial that the live performances don’t use plastic materials or waist thousands of litres of water in for example water games or for any special effects. It goes without saying that however beautiful the performance could be, it would not be fulfilling the ultimate aim of the event.

Food & Staff

EM Events Design has an authentic Italian heart so providing a good quality of food becomes imperative. In addition, psychology has often shown that ‘when the belly is full and the palate is happy’ it generally allows better social relations among people.

Food is entertainment and in order for it to be perfect it must be inclusive while also respecting all dietary requires. Furthermore it should be fully related to the theme of the evening.

For example, one must avoid offering a delicious sushi feast at an evening that should instead emphasise Italian food.

The staff of the evening consists of all those people who make the event possible. It is essential to work with different teams who produce high quality work, each one with great experience and work etiquette. Because it is with the small but foundamental gestures and details that we make the difference. A kind, courteous staff with a truthful smile generates happiness among all the guests.


Sustainability has rightly become one of the first aspects to be considered when organising an event.

The use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, the respect for all green areas, and the conscientious use of resources such as water, electricity and gas are extremely important factors to be considered along the way.

In conclusion

The conceptual path to define the perfect entertainment for your corporate event is quite clear.

You should define your goal, follow the golden rules, but above all, you need to ensure you collaborate with a reliable and professional company with years of experience and a portfolio that shows concrete results.

For a consultation, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to put our ‘know-how’ at your disposal.

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