Shows for corporate conventions: 5 tips

Spettacoli per convention aziendali: 5 consigli

Corporate conventions have such a great potential on many levels. These events are an excellent tool to encourage a deeper human experience between those present and to promote marketing and branding for your company among customers, suppliers and colleagues from different areas. It is therefore evident the importance of these rare and valuable moments of […]

From Artists to Music: Choosing the Perfect Entertainment for Your Corporate Event

Dagli artisti alla musica: Scegliere l'Intrattenimento Perfetto per il Tuo Evento Aziendale

Introduction First step to choose and to define the perfect entertainment for your corporate event is based on a few simple key points. Starting with the result you are willing to achieve, continuing with recognising which emotions you want to evoke in your audience, and finally to identify the creativity and logistics required to the […]

Come organizzare spettacoli originali per cene aziendali

Nell’era dei social media e della connettività, una cena aziendale non può limitarsi a essere solo un semplice pasto.  È un’opportunità unica per rafforzare legami, celebrare successi e stimolare la creatività collettiva.  In questo senso, l’intrattenimento per cene aziendali può essere la chiave per trasformare un evento ordinario in una serata memorabile.  Ma come si […]

Eighteenth Birthday: Entertainment ideas for great celebrations

Diciottesimo compleanno idee di intrattenimento per festeggiare alla grande

Originality and Luxury Entertainment We all have a birthday to celebrate every year, but let’s admit it: turning 18 it’s a milestone in everyone’s life. At 18 we officially become adults, so from that moment on, life can be lived to the fullest. The beginning of adulthood is important and meanfull and it needs proper […]

Dance, Acrobatics and Theatrical Performances: Shows for Luxury Weddings

Artista circense a un matrimonio elegante

Artistic performances in luxury weddings play a major role for all, the bride, the groom and all their guests. Thanks to these unique shows, the whole experience become an unforgettable and unrepeatable lifetime moment. In the following paragraphs we will discover all the secrets behind the creation of an artistic performance in the entertainment world. […]

The importance of entertainment at exhibitions to attract and engage the public

Elisa Marai progetta intrattenimento

We often take it for granted, but there is a secret ingredient that can transform a simple “Yeah… that’s nice.” into a passionate “Wow!“. This ingredient is called entertainment, and it must be part of the recipe when talking about commercial trade fairs or general exhibition events. Its function is as simple as it is […]

Tips for Organizing an Elegant Theme Party

Consigli per organizzare l'intrattenimento di una festa privata elegante

Throwing an elegant theme party is not a task to be taken lightly. It’s about creating an atmosphere that amazes the guests…. and where every detail counts. From the dress code to the venue, to the selection of food and drinks – every element must be planned and harmoniously woven into the chosen theme. Despite […]

Entertainment for Adult Birthday Parties: How to Create a Memorable Experience

Intrattenimento feste di compleanno per adulti: come creare un'esperienza indimenticabile

When it comes to throwing adult birthday parties, finding the perfect balance between fun and sophistication can be a challenge. After all, you want your guests to have a good time, but you also want to create an atmosphere that reflects your personality and style. Luckily, there are many entertainment ideas that can help you […]

4 Romantic and Elegant Marriage Proposal Ideas

4 idee per una proposta di matrimonio romantica ed elegante

A marriage proposal is much more than the simple question “will you marry me?”. It’s an art. The art of creating precious moments and weaving memories that will be forever imprinted in time. Making a marriage proposal memorable, however, requires much more attention to detail than you might imagine. It is not just about choosing […]